SUVICAN was born in 2009, as an innovative concept for the glass market; offering technical advice and solutions to architects, installers, glassworks and in general to the whole flat glass sector, which demanded these services, until now inexistent.

For this purpose, SUVICAN has the representation for the Canary Islands and West Africa of the leading international brands in the glass sector.

Our technical team has a high level of preparation to offer adapted solutions, thanks to the close collaboration we have with the glass industry at an international level, with Associations of Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Construction Professionals.

In SUVICAN we do not sell products, but solutions, so we care about knowing in depth the needs of the client, to offer the most suitable solution with a high added value.

Our Team

Nelson Y.

Celi R.

Ruth V.

Isidro H.

Olga R.

Pablo R.


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