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24 pcs (1 box) of N-34 silicone structural glazing

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24 pcs (1 box) of N-34 silicone structural glazing


Single-component N-34 silicone, with neutral alcoholic reticulation.

1 box of ORBASIL N34 WITH 24 cans

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High adhesion power, without the need to prime the vast majority of materials used in curtain walls.
Excellent resistance to environmental conditions.
Can be used in conjunction with the most common building materials.
It is compatible with the silicones used for the manufacture of double glazing, as well as with the majority of glasses commonly used in any type of construction

Especially suitable for use in glued external glazing facades.
Suitable for assembling glazing to a metal structure, following the glued external glazing system for the manufacture of both 4-sided and 2-sided lightweight facades.
Gluing of glass in general applications, where high performance is required.

Certified according to the DITE 002 guide for sealants used in structural glazing systems EOTA 10-0196 certificate.
High mechanical resistance.
Excellent resistance to UV radiation, extreme temperatures and general weathering.
High adhesion power.

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