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Pack Hinges + Knob “GLASS”

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Pack Hinges + Knob “GLASS”


Shower screen knob, for 6 to 12 mm tempered glass

Glass door hinges in black with adjustable retention, hinge for tempered glass doors.

Black hinges and knob for sliding glass doors
Its line and beveled contour make it very elegant
Material chromed brass lacquered in matt black
High quality insulating joints, allowing us to isolate the metal with the glass, this joint is specially manufactured for maximum strength in grip to the two materials and thus it is impossible for the glass to move, if we ensure that when you start to make your operation is not uneven
Hinge with 3 fixing holes
Hinge with 0° and 90°, 180° retention
This glass door hinge is recommended for tempered glass, notching is required
Glass thickness 8-10 mm
Maximum weight per leaf 40 kg per set of 2
The box of each hinge contains four stainless steel screws and four nylon plugs for placement
Pack 2 hinges + 1 knob “GLASS

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