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Screw for glass railing (50 pcs)

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Screw for glass railing (50 pcs)


Technical features

Metal anchor CH, sleeve type
M10 x 100 Ø12
Made of zinc-plated steel
Anti-rotation anchorage for medium loads.
Countersunk / flat head.
Approved for option 7.
Intended use Generic type:

Sleeve-type anchorage made of zinc-coated steel with controlled torque for structural applications in concrete
Base material: Concrete C20/25 to C50/60 according to EN 206-1:2008
Material: Carbon steel rod, zinc-plated ≥ 5 μm ISO 4042 A2
Loads: Static or quasi-static
Assumed working life: 50 years

Final product price.
Shipping costs included (national territory)
Offer for online shopping
Price Box of 50 pcs. : 72.95 €
The unit costs 1.46

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