Special cordless diamond cutter for glass.

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Special cordless diamond cutter for glass.


Special cordless diamond cutter for glass.

MAKITA 85 mm 12V max CXT CC301 DSAE


2 Batteries 12V 2,0Ah
12V charger
Water bottle for cut cooling, with large cap for easy opening and water filling
Special diamond glass disk 85 mm


Battery operated cutter
Ideal for taking to the construction site to cut tiles, glass, reinforced glass, marble, granite, etc…
Metal and nickel base for rust prevention.
Ergonomic and comfortable handle thanks to its new design and elastomer coating.
Possibility of cutting at 45° to the left.
More power than the previous model CC300D.
Higher cutting speed, increased by 200Rpm compared to the previous model.



Battery type: Li-ion
Battery voltage: 12 V
Battery amperage: 2.0 Ah
p.m: 1.600 Rpm
External diameter of the disc: 85 mm
Internal diameter of disc: 15.0 mm
Max. cutting capacity: 25.5 mm
Cutting capacity 45: 16.5 mm
Weight according to EPTA: 1.8 kg
L x W x H: 313 x 170 x 125 mm
Charging time: 30 min

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