Suction cup Powr-Grip (Offer Pack 2 units)

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Suction cup Powr-Grip (Offer Pack 2 units)


Powr-Grip Piston Suction Cup (2 pcs)

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Suction Disc 200 mm
Diameter 200 mm
Load force 57 kg
Parallel direction load
Material: Plastic.
The hand suction cup uses a vacuum to lift and carry loads.

A hand pump draws air from between the rubber disc and the contact surface; a red line on the pump plunger serves as a vacuum indicator; a check valve allows the user to pump the suction cup back in without removing it from the contact surface; and a release mechanism allows the suction cup to be completely detached.

Maximum load capacity includes a safety factor of 3:1 and requires the following: adhesion to surfaces that are flat, clean, smooth and non-porous; a minimum vacuum level of 17½” Hg [-59 kPa]; and a coefficient of friction of 1. This calculation is based on testing new hand suction cups that are attached to the upper horizontal surface of static objects under ideal conditions.







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